Photo collage of frontline medical workers with donations from Beauty, PPE, And Essential Care For The Ones That Are There

Good news in the Neighborhood

In the early April, local residents Rachel Engel and Colette Morales created a group on Facebook called “Beauty, PPE, and Essential Care for the ones that are there” in response to the Coronavirus epidemic. They have been working diligently with the help of local volunteers/friends to collect donations of money, beauty products, PPE (personal protective equipment), healthy drinks + snacks for our front line workers. 

In recent weeks, hundreds of local essential workers have reached out looking for help in getting PPE for themselves and their staff - in need of protective masks, gloves, gowns, head covers. Rachel and Colette have raised nearly $16,000 in donations (as of April 22) to purchase that gear to donate. They have donated and distributed thousands of masks, gloves, head protection, and more to local healthcare workers and hospitals like South Nassau. 

In addition to PPE, they have been able to make hundreds of beauty gift bags to give out with products that were donated from local shops to national brands and have organized and donated drinks and snacks to hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and healthcare facilities in NY!

They are still looking for donations in the form of beauty products, snacks, cloth masks, gift cards, as well as monetary donations to continue purchasing vital PPE. 

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Beauty, PPE, And Essential Care For The Ones That Are There

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