Staying Connected While Apart
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Daily Affirmation

By Caitlin O’Connor

Community Stories

Oceanside High School Students, Rachel Tricolla and Bryanin Sacher, share different tactics and activities they are using while taking their classes from home.

Dirt cup with candy worms


Dirt Cups
By Samatha Postle, M.S., CCC-SLP, TSSLD & Advisor, The Makeshift Movement

As a Speech-Language Pathologist, I work with students with developmental disabilities across the age range of 3-21. During this pandemic, one thing parents have asked for is ways to keep their children learning, active, and engaged while staying inside. When looking for indoor activities that fits these criteria, immediately cooking comes to mind. I discovered this website called Accessible Chef, which provides visual recipes for children with disabilities, but really, everyone can benefit from visual support! 

Cooking is a great way for children to be hands-on in the kitchen! It is a natural reinforcer and very motivating for kids, (you get to eat yummy food!), and it is great for problem solving, sequencing, and language development. One recipe that I have made with my students is dirt cups! Kids love it, and it doesn’t require a lot of ingredients! I hope you enjoy it!

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Workout Video

Jackie Ruiz, Friedberg JCC Assistant Health & Fitness Director, leads us through a bootcamp style workout for all ages. 

Jackie is live Monday - Friday on Friedberg JCC’s Facebook page. 


Broadway at Home

Broadway From Home shares some family-friendly games that we can play at home - or over video calls!  


Jon Rizzo

Good News in the Neighborhood

Through his online concerts, Oceanside resident, Jon Rizzo, has raised more than $10,000 for local first responders! How’s he doing it? His weekly show, Sunday Night Live, is open to all on Facebook or Instagram. Audience members can choose to send in donations, which Jon then uses to: 

  • Buy gift cards from Oceanside bars and restaurants and then donates them to hospital workers and first responders to ensure they get hot meals.
  • Give directly to hospitals so they can use the money for much needed PPE. 

Check out the Oceanside Herald article and learn more at Jon’s Oceanside Strong Facebook page.  

John speaks on his fundraiser:

Every Sunday night when I do my live show, “Sunday Night Live” I will be accepting donations to support our local businesses and hometown heroes...

The Rules:

If and ONLY IF you can afford to, I will offer the opportunity to make a small donation to raise money towards hot food, gift cards and supplies for our hospital workers and first responders.

I will choose some of our hometown bars/restaurants each week to give money to. 

In return, they will deliver the food or gift cards to the offices or hospitals that are picked, selected from the doctors, nurses, and first responders who are joining us during our live session...

In addition I will be sending donation checks to local hospitals for PPE to keep their staff safe.

In doing this, we will help keep our local businesses alive, while taking care of our friends and family on the front lines.

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