Kellyanne Brady, LMHC, NCC Clinic Director, The Mental Health and Wellness Center at Molloy College

Q & A with an Expert

We spoke with Kellyanne Brady, LMHC, NCC about the importance of focusing on our mental health. Kellyanne is the Clinic Director of The Mental Health and Wellness Center at Molloy College. You can learn more about Kellyanne and Molly’s work here. We discussed tips on how to benefit your mental health during stressful times.

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Movement encourages focus! Have a dance party, go for a solo walk, or do some yoga at home!

Daily Affirmation

By Caitlin O’Connor

Mindful Moment

Liana Benson leads us through some simple meditation techniques that people of all ages can use to reset and relax.


Community Story

Sara Dowler, Oceanside High School teacher and mom to three, shares how she is helping keep herself centered while her family is staying home.

Pasta Amatriciana


Pasta Amatriciana 
by Alex Tucciarone, Co-Founder, The Makeshift Movement

Like many who grew up in Oceanside, I can trace some of my ancestry to Italy and have been fortunate to spend time over there. It has added a layer of pain to this Covid-19 experience to watch people in Italy endure a hardship similar to we have here. 

I learned this recipe from Alle fratte di Trastevere, a restaurant in Rome that I love. When this pandemic is behind us one thing I cannot wait to do is visit Italy again and enjoy another delicious meal in this restaurant. 


1 pound of pasta, preferably bucatini or spaghetti 
1 onion, finely chopped
¼ pound of guanciale or pancetta, chopped into cubes
1 pound, whole peeled tomatoes
1 teaspoon, white wine vinegar
½ a glass of white wine
¼ pound of pecorino Romano, grated
Pepper & salt
Olive oil


Step 1: Boil water, add and cook pasta once boiling. 

Step 2: In a sauté pan, heat up some olive oil over high heat. Once hot, add the chopped onion with the pepper and salt. 

Step 3: Once the onion has been sautéing for a few minutes, add the cubed pork. Braise the pork in the onions for a few minutes. 

Step 4: Add the vinegar and wine to the pork and onions and simmer. Once the wine and vinegar have mostly evaporated, add the tomatoes. Stir these ingredients together and let simmer on moderate to low heat for about 20 minutes.

Step 5: Mix the pasta in with the sauce and top with the grated cheese. 

Herald article about OHS app

Good News in the Neighborhood

Oceanside High School has launched an app that highlights how mindfulness and movement can ease the body and mind. There are activities for all ages and abilities. 

Download it now!

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