Tommy DiRocco

Anthony was my oldest brother by five years. Since we lost our father at a young age, I felt as if Anthony took on both roles as a brother and father when it came to me. To give you an idea of what that's like, I remember him giving me his old skateboard and teaching me how to ride. Then a month later he took that same board back to break it in front of me. I remember he built a quarter pipe and kept it in our driveway but the only way he would let me use it was when I was wearing a helmet. He was always concerned for my safety. But when he started boxing I was the one he wanted to "spar" with. But no matter what he always had my back. When the kids stole my bike from the skatepark, Anthony drove around Baldwin looking for these kids ready to beat them down and steal my bike back, thus bringing peace back to the DiRocco home.

Any worldly knowledge he learned, whether it was about how to get girls, why I shouldn't have girlfriends, or about extra dimensions, he'd try to pass on to me. He was more than a brother, father figure, friend, or teacher, he was my role model. I wanted to be just like Anthony.

He took the risks that we were afraid to take, went to the places we wanted to go, and dated the girls everyone wanted to date. He was the coolest, funniest, smartest, most talented person to everyone that knew him.

I still don't understand why he took his own life but I've never been ashamed of it. Anthony lived more than any of us and if he decided he didn't want to live anymore, how can I call him wrong? I do not agree with his decision, but I will not hate him for it. I will always love my brother. He is severely missed and we will forever mourn his death, but we must be proud of who he was and cherish the life that is Anthony James DiRocco III.

by Tommy DiRocco


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