Our Mission

The Mission of The Makeshift Movement is to create a safe space where our community can talk openly about mental health, suicide, and substance abuse. 

We aim to:

  • Create a clearinghouse of resources: found through our website and on social media
  • Engage with the community: Host town halls, open forums and events to give a voice to everyone who is struggling with mental illness and addiction
Anthony DiRocco
Anthony DiRocco

Our Motivation

We formed in 2015, after we saw our community deeply affected by the loss of our friends, loved ones, children, and classmates. We saw too much death due to overdose and suicide, and we saw people struggling with mental illness and addiction. 

As a group, we wanted to come together to shed light on these tragedies, share our stories, and dedicate a safe space that will break the stigma and bring our community out of the darkness. 

The Makeshift Movement is not made up of the founders or a specific group of people. The Makeshift Movement is made up of the brave voices of the community. It is all of us. 

In that spirit, we honor the life of our brother, son, friend, classmate and a member of our community, Anthony DiRocco. "Makeshift" was the name of a self-made skateboard/hangout area that Anthony frequented growing up in Oceanside. 

At The Makeshift Movement, we will strive to broaden and improve our collection of resources and education related services surrounding addiction and mental health. This is something we will all be adding to as time goes on-our "makeshift" resource-Our Makeshift Movement. 

We hope to continue to share the stories of our community whose lives may have been changed, or did change, because of the resources and conversations that we endeavor to bring to the forefront.

The Makeshift Movement at their inaugural event

Our Founding Team

Jessica DiRocco, Alison Eriksen, Samantha Postle, Lauren Peteroy Kelly, John Kuehn, Alexander Tucciarone

Friends of The Makeshift Movement

We thank the organizations, businesses, and government officials in Oceanside and Nassau County for their support of The Makeshift Movement over the years. We started this movement as a way to help us process and cope with the losses we experienced, and were met with open arms across the community. We are grateful to have partners to help us with our mission.

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